Hexham Ladies vs Northern 1A


Hexham Ladies played their first match of the season in Northumbria Squash Premier Division against Northern 1A. This is the first time the Ladies have competed at this level in the past five years of playing in the leagues and realise it is an opportunity to challenge the talented juniors playing in the team. The away fixture against Northern 1A on Wednesday proved to be a step up from previous seasons, and the team was defeated 3-2. Lynne Stokes, Liv Satow and Annie Anderson all lost their matches 3-0, but each was closer than the scoreline suggested. Annabelle Satow was dominant at String 3 and won her match convincingly 3-0 and Sally Anderson also won her match 3-1. The ladies and girls look forward to playing at this higher level and will welcome back Josie Burdon to the team for the home next match on Sunday 20 October.


Sally Anderson v Lucy Anderson 3-1  – 7/15, 15/13, 15/9, 15/8

Annie Anderson v Beth Tudor 0-3 – 11/15, 8/15, 9/15

Annabelle Satow v Aanya Hamilton 3-0 – 15/5, 15/9, 15/13

Olivia Satow v Rachel Watkins 0-3 – 15/14, 15/7, 15/6

Lynne Stokes v Michelle Robertson 3-0 – 15/4, 15/6, 15/9